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So I decided that I needed another section on the website where I could share a bit more of my life. There are several things that I truly enjoy on top of vegan and gluten free cooking. Maybe at some point I’ll get more into my journey into veganism and going gluten free as well. When I tell people that I’m a gluten free vegan, I feel a lot of time that their head might explode trying to figure out what the heck I can eat. Now I can refer them to this site. They get a glimpse of the delicious things that I stuff in my face and share with my partner in crime who is not vegan. I call him 90 percent vegan, because if we are at home that’s how we eat. If we go to a restaurant that’s a different story.

Several years ago I was a music journalist and it’s something I think about quite often and I miss it immensely. I’ve been thinking about doing some music writing and putting it here in the lifestyle catergory.


Alpha and I are also huge into the gaming community, we’ve been streaming video games on Twitch for almost 3 years. The sheer amount of video games that we own and play is wild. Recently we’ve added a monthly podcast called Shift Change and we’ve been doing the Simply Syn cooking streams. We’ve been to conventions and have met gamers from all over the world and it is an experience to be had and I’d like to share that here as well. Some people see video games as a waste of time, I see watching television as a waste of time. So for me, instead of staring at the tv for hours and hours, I go on an interactive journey into the world of video games. We all have our loves and passions and these are just a few of mine.

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