A Paradigm Shift in High Strangeness

The Hellier Saga Continues…

This year Kris and I attended Michigan Paracon for the first time. It was such an amazing experience that I already cannot wait for next year. The trip was full of absolute positivity, high strangeness and cosmic energy.

A couple of the main reasons we attended were as follows. Number one; our friend John E.L. Tenney is a paranormal investigator and had a booth there and he was also curating the Hellier panel. We’ve had a fascination with the paranormal or “the phenomena,” as some call it for quite some time. Another reason was the encouragement to attend from our friend Marle who we had met through John. And finally the third reason was to see the Hellier panel with Greg and Dana Newkirk, Connor Randall, Karl Pfeiffer and John E.L. Tenney.

What is Hellier you might ask? This is a must see documentary if you have even an inkling of interest in the paranormal. It all started out with an email of some strange creature activity of possible goblins or alien type creatures that leads down an even stranger road filled with synchronicities and interesting events. I don’t want to say too much and give anything away. The documentary was made by Greg and Dana Newkirk and co-produced with Karl Pfeiffer and Connor James Randall. The first season of Hellier is available for free on YouTube, Amazon Prime and at hellier.tv.

Getting to experience the Hellier panel was definitely one of the greatest highlights of the trip. Especially because we were some of the first people to see the brand new trailer for Hellier 2! It was such a fascinating glimpse into the method and madness of the making of the films. It was exciting hearing more of the backstory and that there’s more to come. Hellier 2 will have Greg and Dana Newkirk, Karl Pfeiffer, Connor Randall and Tyler Strand venturing furthur down the rabbit hole into the mysterious high strangeness that is Hellier.


We also had the absolute pleasure of getting to meet and hang out with all of the people involved in the making of Hellier which was pretty awesome. All of them are such creative, inspired, awesome and down to earth people. But also maybe somewhere in the stars and shifting through dimensions and time as well. As soon as I typed out down to earth, I thought… hmm… well maybe that’s not quite the correct phrasing.


Greg Newkirk, Syn, Kris, Dana Newkirk


Tyler Strand, Karl Pfeiffer, Syn, Connor Randall, Kris

We were also lucky enough to get one on the 20 goblin busts that Tyler Strand handmade which were signed by the cast and crew of Hellier and a signed blu-ray as well.


Check out the trailer for Hellier 2 and if you haven’t seen the first part of Hellier for the love of all that is good in the world GO WATCH IT NOW! (Loud noises and yelling). Seriously, it’s amazing and wonderfully weird, you need to see it and then get super hyped for Hellier 2.

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