Hi I’m Syn, here’s a little background info on me. I love music, reading, writing and getting creative in the kitchen. I went to culinary school and over the years have honed my cooking skills putting a focus on vegan and gluten free cooking. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry in restaurants, hotels and bars. I also worked in the music industry for several years as a music journalist as well as doing marketing for the Warner Music Group and a local music venue in Michigan. I love food, all kinds of music, video games, and my cat Dr. Mittens. I currently stream on Twitch with my other half Alpha, we’re a pair of goofy weirdos (you’ve been forewarned). You can catch the video game shenanigans on Twitch. Check us out here at twitch.tv/rocklobsterstreams.

On a side note if you like adorable cats check out Dr. Mittens on Instagram here.


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