Buffalo Hempeh Sandwich

I love a good sandwich and I may have mentioned that I love spicy things. I’m a huge fan of buffalo sauce, whether it’s on cauliflower wings, in a pasta salad, or used as a dipping sauce. It’s just a great burst of flavor. I’ve recently been using a product called hempeh, instead of tempeh which is made from soy. Hempeh is made from hemp and it’s just as delicious and can be used in place of anything that you would use tempeh for. It’s great to sub in if you are trying to avoid soy and are looking for other meat free alternatives.

On the buffalo hempeh sandwich I created, I added coleslaw to it which adds a bit of a cooling element to the heat. A little bit of spice goes a long way to livening up those tastebuds. It’s a nice balance of flavors with a bit of a kick, which makes for a filling and delicious sandwich.

buffalo hempeh sandwich

The only place that I’ve been able to currently find hempeh for this sandwich is at Whole Foods Market. I’m sure that it is also available online for purchase. If you can’t find it, by all means just use regular tempeh, it’ll still be hella tasty.

As we are in the middle of May we’re going to be getting into grilling season here soon. I’ve got a few ideas for some plant based grill recipes that I look forward to sharing. It’s been so rainy here recently I just haven’t been able to get outside to make anything on the grill yet. Anywho, I’m getting sidetracked here. On to the buffalo hempeh sandwich recipe!

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