Where the Footprints End, Volume 1: Folklore

Authors Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner bring an expertise and game changing look to the world of cryptozoology. The illustrations done by Renner are beautiful and exquisite. If you have any interest in cryptozoolology or bigfoot I implore you to dip your toe in these waters. This book is an intelligent and refreshing look at the intertwined synchronicities of the paranormal phenomena and brings to light many ideas that have been kept in the shadows for too long.

John E. L. Tenney is a ‘Theoretical Weirdo’

John E. L. Tenney brings a supernova of ideas and thoughts to the table with his new book Theoretical Weirdo. It sets the brain on a trip to the stars and then beyond the stars and then into the ether and then back from the ether and then this begs the question - does the ether even exist?

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