Grilled Banana and Blackberry Parfait

It’s grilling season and I’m a big fan of being outdoors and cooking over a fire. Whether it’s grilling veggies, veggie burgers and sausages, or fruit. I love grilled fruit! It carmelizes the natural sugars in the fruit and gives it a smoky new flavor that adds to the depth and joy of your food.

One of my favorite desserts is trifle and to me parfaits are like a mini trifle. Normally you would have a layer of cake. Instead of the cake layer I used a mixture of ground up dates, toasted coconut and walnuts and it really tied in well with this luscious dessert. The grilled bananas in the banana pudding layer almost has a banana butterscotchesque taste. Add in the blackberry syrup and whipped cream and this dessert explodes with flavor and summertime joy.

All the layers of the parfait are homemade except for the Coco Whip whipped cream. You could make your own out of coconut cream if you should choose. I honestly haven’t been able to perfect it yet so I grabbed store bought. One day I’ll perfect it. For today here is a beautiful and sensual parfait recipe that will light up your tastebuds and have you craving more.

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