Hellier 2

When Synchronicities and Stars Align

Hellier 2 is the follow up to the first season of Hellier, which took us on a stange journey. The journey traversed into a whirlwind of synchronicities, esoteric thought, strange creature activities and led down a winding road full of mystery and intrigue.

The second season of Hellier travels furthur into the subterranean both mentally and physically. This docu-series is produced by Greg and Dana Newkirk and co-produced by Karl Pfeiffer and Connor Randall. In this season they are also joined by paranormal investigator and caver extraodinaire Tyler Strand. It is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime.

In this season we pick up where we left off from the first season. The emails which had stopped, start up again. This being what started this whole case of high strangeness in the first place; a series of emails detailing strange creature activity in Hellier, Kentucky.

As we delve into the new season, the investigation tunnels further into the “phenomena.” It is one of the best paranormal documentaries that I have had the pleasure of viewing. The cinematography and the way it is shot is beautifully haunting. The story/journey, the scenery, the music, every bit of this documentary has heart and soul poured into it. A lot of times you’ll watch paranormal tv shows and there is no heart or soul. This fills the void that I feel has been missing in this genre of film.

The chemistry of all the people involved in this series; Greg, Dana, Karl, Connor and Tyler comes together in a sort of alchemical tapestry of inspiration. Each person involved takes a thread of the investigation and weaves their own path coming back to the others and intertwining together as they go furthur in. Following these threads to something unknown. While trying to make sense of where they are going and why they are there. There, being the different places that the destination leads whether physical, mental or spiritual.

The way that the team doesn’t isolate the “phenomena” to one thing is also refreshing. It’s not just UFO’s, it’s not just cryptids, ghosts, etc. It’s all interconnected and transcribes into an intricate web that wraps all involved in a delicate and mystifying pattern of intrigue. Hellier 2 goes deeper into the caverns of the mind with further synchronicities, following the threads of the phenomena, magick ritual, hypnosis, tapping into something that I believe is eye opening and fascinating and will leave you hungry for more.

This is a must see series, you can watch season one for free at hellier.tv. Season 2 is available currently on Amazon Prime but will be coming to YouTube December 13 and will be available for free.

For more info on Greg and Dana Newkirk visit weirdhq.com

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