Holiday Hankerings

The holidays are upon us this time of year and with that comes holiday food. I’m a big fan of eating leftovers, but after the second day or so they become a bit boring so I try to amp em up a bit and turn them into something delicious and new.

After this past Thanksgiving we had loads of garlic roasted mashed potatoes, homemade gluten free stuffing with beyond sausage, mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce. So yes, you can throw all of that in a bowl and you have a tasty concoction of holiday flavor. But I wanted something more.

I created what I like to call my Holiday Hankering sandwich. I took mashed potatoes and shaped them into round patties roughly the size of a burger and fried them with some coconut oil. Next up I made patties out of the stuffing and fried those up too. And you’re definitely gonna want some of the savory mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce to top it off on a toasted gluten free bun.

To assemble the sandwich you’ll take the toasted bun and put on the fried mashed potato patty, next add a bit of the mushroom gravy, on top of that add the fried stuffing patty and then top it all off with cranberry sauce. Stuff this in your face, your mouth will thank you.

What do you like to do with your holiday leftovers?

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