New Discoveries and Lovely Tastes

I woke up today feeling good and ready to take on the day. I had a plan to cook a really fantastic meal with some fall flavors infused with a bit of asian influence and then life happened. The furnace is not working and for some reason the stove is on the same power circuit as the furnace. Waiting on the landlord to get here to restore sanity and warmth. We do have a small ceramic heater upstairs that we’ve been carrying around the house to whatever room we’re in at the time. I think I’m more annoyed the oven/stove isn’t working than having heat. It’s still in the 50s here in Michigan so it’s not too bad yet.

So in lieu of these circumstances I decided I’d talk about a few vegan food products that I’ve recently discovered and have been enjoying lately.

Maple Sriracha – Harwood Gold

Alpha and I recently visited Traverse City and I picked up a bottled of maple sriracha. I love sriracha and pretty much all the spicy things. We were visiting the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, this is an old insane asylum that they converted into shops and dining. There’s still a bit of a creepy vibe going on there.


As we wandered through the old asylum I came across the Harwood Gold Maple Sriracha and I have honestly used it everyday on different things since purchasing it. The sweet with the heat is a nice blend of flavors, it is also locally made in Charlevoix, Michigan.

Lobster Butter Love Coffee – RoosRoast


Lobster Butter Love Coffee is another Michigan made product that I am a huge fan of, it is made by RoosRoast. They are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and they make fantastic coffee. The Lobster Butter Love is by far my favorite, it’s a darker roast and it is silky and buttery. And in case you were wondering, this coffee does not contain lobsters.

Vermont Ghosted Maple Syrup – Trader Joe’s

maple syrup

You may sense a theme here with the sweet and spicy, I can’t help it, my taste buds love the sweet and heat. Can’t stop, won’t stop. This ghost pepper infused maple syrup brings the heat and then a little sweet. It is fantastic on pancakes, beyond sausages, crepes, acorn squash, drizzled over sweet potatoes, etc. I love this stuff! Trader Joe’s is always coming up with new items and this one is killer.

Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage – Trader Joe’s


I had to throw a pumpkin item in here, it is fall after all. Trader Joe’s makes this Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage and it is a hazy dream of silky pumpkin elixir. It tastes like a pumpkin eggnog if you drink it by itself. If you are a coffee drinker, put this in your coffee as a creamer, it’s amazing! Heck you could probably put this on cereal for a dessertish cereal experience. Bottom line is, if you enjoy pumpkin spice this is some good stuff. (I thought about using a different s word here but we’ll stick with stuff).

So there you have it, just a few things that I’ve been enjoying as of recently.

The above items were purchased by the author of Simply Syn and are the honest opinion of the author.

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