New Year, New Inspiration

This past year has flown by in a whirlwind. The holidays have cruised by with New Year’s Eve approaching in a few days. It’s been a bit crazy and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to put together new recipes due to the holidays and life stuff happening. Once we ring in 2019, I’ll be getting back to it. I currently have a journal full of several ideas in the works. Got a few weird ideas for some desserts I’ve been toying with. Would a roasted beet chocolate mousse be good? I don’t know, could be horrible. But if a recipe appears for it on here that means it turned out good. If not I may also write about the disaster of the beet mousse.

I received a few presents this Christmas that I look forward to using in the kitchen. My favorite is a brand new indigo colored Lodge dutch oven, I look forward to creating soups and stews in it. I also received some ring molds so I can try and make some fancy salads, desserts, polenta or whatever strikes my fancy. And last but not least a new Wusthof 4.5″ utility knife. I am slowly but surely working towards owning a full set of Wusthof knives.

I hope the new year finds everyone well and ready for a fresh start. I look foward to bringing you more vegan and gluten free recipes. Alpha and I should also be doing another episode of Simply Syn in a few weeks over on Twitch. I’ll keep ya posted on social media when that will happen. Cheers!

Syn & Alpha

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