PAX East 2018

This year’s PAX East was a blast, Alpha and I packed up our bags and headed east to Boston, Massachusetts for five days and four nights.  We met several of our streamer friends from around the country, checked out new indie video games, the tabletop gaming, merched it up (bought a bunch of stuff) and had an amazing time. Twitch is a big part of our lives and a big reason we went to PAX. We’ve met a lot of really amazing people through the platform. If you’re not familiar with Twitch, it started out as a platform where you could stream video games and interact with the people who are streaming. It has grown exponentially and expanded into other areas as well: creative, music, cooking, cosplay, talk shows, tabletop, and so much more. People on Twitch go by their handles on the site, so if you wonder why the names are strange, that is why.


We arrived around 6 p.m. on Thursday night after a 16 hour drive. On the way there we hit a detour that took us an hour and a half out of the way, ended up in standstill traffic in Pennsylvania where we parked the car for 30 minutes on the expressway, and then got stuck in Boston rush hour traffic. A bit bleary eyed and tired from being up for over 24 hours, we decided to power through and head to the convention.


Once we got to the convention center we were messaging our friend Thauglor via twitter to try and meet up with him. He was watching Acquisitions Inc. in the Main Theatre. Acquisitions Inc. is a group of tabletop players that go on wild and zany adventures ensconced in humor and magic. That evening they were playing a tabletop style battle royale game. We decided to check it out and it was awesome! Their DM (Dungeon Master) was Mike Krahulik, the characters that went on the adventure were Omin Dran (Jerry Holkins), Môrgæn (Morgan Webb), Strix (Holly Conrad), and Viari (Patrick Rothfuss). They are air dropped onto a magical island to battle ninety-six foes for the ultimate prize: a Chicken Dinner! The humor they had throughout the game was brilliant and captivating, we were really glad we got to check them out. After the theatre let out we headed back to our hotel and went to the 24 hour bowling alley that was next to it and had a few drinks before passing out back at the room. And that was day 1.

Day 2 we got up and headed to convention center around 2 p.m. This was the day we met most of our streamer friends from Twitch for the first time in real life. You know, meeting strangers from the internet and stuff. We met up with our friends, Uncanny_Phil, Blackfiyah, Sheshn94, VeeBB, and Thauglor. It was very cool to finally meet some of the people that watch our stream on Twitch and people that we watch on there as well. We cruised by the Twitch booth where a number of streamers were hanging out; TheHaleyBaby, Annemunition, Skinnyghost, DansGaming, Bluejay, DizzyDisaster and a few more.

As we were leaving the Twitch booth area, Blackfiyah and Alpha were walking and someone said to Blackfiyah “nice jersey.” He was wearing a fatman Kevin Smith jersey, the person who said that to him turned out to be Jason Mewes. It was a pretty cool moment to say the least.

We wandered the convention floor for quite a while and checked out a bunch of games. Some of the ones that stood out and that we are looking forward to playing are SCUM which is an open world survival game, Last Year: The Nightmare a multiplayer horror game, The Swords of Ditto which has beautiful artwork and is a compact action RPG, Anamorphine another beautiful game that is a surreal adventure game, and Death Garden a survival horror game which is made by the same company that made Dead By Daylight which is one of our favorites to play on stream.



Before leaving PAX for the day we went to the panel called Building a Better Stream Community. The people who spoke on the panel were Tanya DePass (Director, I Need Diverse Games), Mike Laidlaw (Consultant, Independent), Mae Morrison (Content Creator and Community Specialist, Independent), Ruth Toner (Twitch, Senior Data Scientist), and Bluejay (Content Creator, Independent). They had some good advice for community building on Twitch and other platforms.

At night we went and hung out at the Corner Pub with Uncanny_Phil, VeeBB, Blackfiyah and MasterDemon11111. We had some drinks, good conversation and VeeBB tried the $4 mystery beer which was not good.

Day 3 we didn’t go to the convention at all, we spent the time with Uncanny_Phil and Blackfiyah and wandered Boston. We went and checked out an outdoor street market which had all kinds of produce, fresh seafood, and delicious things to eat. Then we headed over to a bar called the Green Dragon which was built in 1657 and is where the sons of liberty used to hang out. The history and culture found throughout Boston is pretty cool, I really enjoyed visiting this city and can’t wait to go back next year for PAX.

We visited a few more bars that day, the bars were super busy due to a Bruins game going on. We ended our night at a cool bar called the Ginger Man Bar which was pretty cool. We met up with Sheshn94, TheMountainDewd and Da_Hub.

Day 4 we went back for our last day at PAX, hit up the convention floor one last time and then we went to a panel called Understanding Your Influence. This panel was excellent, it was well executed and the people who spoke were very knowledgeable about their craft. It featured Omeed (CEO, Online Performers Group), GassyMexican (Influencer, GassyMexican), Lowco (Influencer), Fairlight_Excalibur (Influencer), and dmbrandon (Influencer).

After the panel we went with VeeBB and MasterDemon11111 to Legal Seafood for some drinks and food.

Syn, Alpha, VeeBB, Masterdemon11111

After that we ended the night at McGreevy’s Sports Bar where the band the Dropkick Murhpys got their start. We ate some fries and tater tots and had some drinks and had a chill last night in Boston, good times with good people.



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