Pina Colada Chia Pudding

To me, the taste of a pina colada is an island escape. It’s a summer paradise for the tastebuds and it whisks you off to a dreamy state of mind. Chia pudding is delicious and nutritious, it’s a great breakfast item, dessert, or  snack.

Pina Colada Chia Pudding

The summer here in Michigan is in full effect, with 90 degree days and 70 degree nights. We have had so much rain this year that everything is emerald green and humming with energy. I feel that certain seasons inspire or spark certain flavors and cravings in my mind. And that is what brought us to pina colada chia pudding.

You can infuse chia pudding with so many wonderful and creative flavors, this is just one idea of many that I had. I’m also testing a strawberry daquiri pudding currently.

I’m always curious to see what kind of summertime flavors or vacationesque flavors of food that people crave. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite summer flavors and foods.

pina colada chia pudding


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