Roasted Beet Salad with Fennel and Blood Oranges

This salad should actually be titled “roasted beet salad with shaved fennel, mint, cara cara and blood oranges with a balsamic blood orange vinaigrette.” Not only is that way too long, it’s a mouthful of words and not quite the blog friendly title.

Sometimes I forget how delicious the earthiness of a roasted beet can be. Beets have been on my mind lately. It could have been that each time I went to the grocery store I marvelled at the size of the gigantic beets in the produce section until I finally bought one. I like to build meals around one or two key ingredients. I let the ingredients reel me in and then create around that.

I built this salad around 1 ginormous beet, but you could probably use 3 – 4 normal sized beets for this recipe. It’s earthy, sweet, herbaceous and elegant. The blood oranges bring a nice sweetness to this recipe but you could sub in any kind of orange citrus if you’re unable to find blood oranges.

If you are not sure how to segment an orange, check out this video here.

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