Season’s Gifting

Tis the season for holiday meals, spending time with family and giving gifts. Over the years when I’ve been short on cash or not had an idea of what to get a person, the gift of something homemade can be just as good if not better. 

Most people that I know love food, I haven’t found too many people out there that are repulsed by it. So this season if you’re out of ideas or maybe short on dough, why not whip up a batch of cookies, homemade candy or chocolate truffles. There was one year I made truffles for everyone on my holiday list and people were more excited over the truffles than other gifts that they’d received in the past. 

I’m also a big fan of putting together delicious gift baskets tailored to the person receiving the gift. Whether it’s for the foodie in your life, sports fan, beer lover, baker, teacher, hot sauce lover, etc. If you’re looking for cheap baskets you can pick them up at Salvation Army or any thrift store for around $1 -$5. Then you fill the basket with shelf-stable products that the person receiving the gift will enjoy.

These are just a few ideas for holiday food gifts. Alpha and I have friends who make a homemade Bailey’s type of liquor for the holidays and it has become a coveted gift that people look forward to every year. We also have another friend that gifts salsa to everyone and that is amazing too. I believe that food is made with love and that is what we are gifting when we take the time to create and make something for others. Hope everyone has a blessed holiday season. Cheers!

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