Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry

When I think of sweet and sour sauce, I’m transported back in time to being a kid and going out to eat with the family. We’d go to a Chinese restaurant and get a number of delicious dishes, along with wonton soup and egg rolls. My favorite dish was sweet and sour chicken and second favorite was the peking chicken. It wasn’t even in my brain at that time that one day I wouldn’t be eating meat or dairy. It has now been seventeen years since I stopped eating meat and I don’t miss it.

What I really loved about these dishes was the sauce. Something about sweet and sour sauce really tantalizes the tastebuds. I really enjoy taking dishes that I loved as a kid and veganizing them. To the meat eaters out there, you don’t need the meat for it to be good, it’s the sauce that is boss!

This stir fry turned out fantastic and will be definitely a repeat dinner for Alpha and I in the future. I think I want to try and make my own spring rolls and use the sweet and sour sauce as a dipping sauce. Alpha said the sauce was so good he wanted to drink it. I think I agree with him, it’s ridiculously good.

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