Where the Footprints End, Volume 1: Folklore

Book Review: Where the Footprints End, Volume 1: Folklore

If you are looking for a book that explores and questions all angles of the “bigfoot phenomenon,” look no furthur. This has been one of the most in depth and fascinating books that I have come across on the high strangeness that surrounds these creatures.

Co-authors Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner have compiled a well researched and inquisitive look at all of the curiousities and strange coincidences that link these creatures to so much more than just being a flesh and blood being.

The book opens up with a bigfoot sighting that coincides with the appearance of a large orange ball in the sky. Shortly after seeing this orb in the sky, bigfoot creatures are sighted. The orb turns into a white glowing object possibly resembling a ufo. The creatures are shot at to no effect. After the intial encounter they return with the police and more strange things happen. A glowing ring is found on the ground where the orb had been and then one of the men who intially saw the creatures seemingly becomes possessed by one of the entities.

Many times the cases such as the above are ignored due to the absolute weirdness of them. Cutchin and Renner look deeply into the similarities between modern bigfoot sightings and folklore that most researchers dismiss as unrelated.

Several topics are explored in this book. The possibility of bigfoot being an interdimensional being, a wildnisgeist (wilderness poltergeist), the links between them and faeries, aliens, ghosts, witches, and women in white. They also delve deeper into bigfoot behavior such as lithoboly (rock throwing), woodknocks, telepathy, synchronicities, dematerialization and the smelliness of the creatures.

One of the things I found quite interesting was the concept of bigfoot using infrasound. It is often used by large predators such as dolphins and tigers, it stuns their prey. In humans it can manifest panic, unease, immobililty, and nausea amongst other things.

Authors Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner bring an expertise and game changing look to the world of cryptozoology. The illustrations done by Renner are beautiful and exquisite. If you have any interest in cryptozoolology or bigfoot I implore you to dip your toe in these waters. This book is an intelligent and refreshing look at the intertwined synchronicities of the paranormal phenomena and brings to light many ideas that have been kept in the shadows for too long.

Timothy Renner Bigfoot Illustrations

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For more info on Joshua Cutchin visit joshuacutchin.com

For more info on Timothy Renner visit darkhollerarts.com

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